The Kanna Industries Hydraulic Wool Press (Fully Automated)

The Kanna Industries Hydraulic Wool Press is fully automated. The wool that is loaded into the machine gets pressed down into the storage unit by means of a plunger. Once the plunger reaches its maximum distance 4 spikes from two opposite sides of the machine is driven through the wool bag to ensure that the wool stays in place when the next amount of wool is loaded. Our Wool Press has a build-in electronic scale for you to ensure that each wool bale has the desired weight. The machine is also mounted on wheels in order to make handling easier and also to transport the Wool Press to the site of the wool.

Electrical / Hydraulic Wool Press

The basic form and framework of our new electrical / hydraulic wool press is the same as our well known automatic wool press with the hydraulic powerpack. The only difference is that the spikes are inserted by hand. Our unique design insures that the spikes can be inserted with ease as it enters the bag from the side and goes over the wool. The build-in scale is optional.

Industrial Semi-Automatic Wool Press

We designed our semi-automatic wool press due to the fact that wool exporters need a machine that requires little maintenance while it manufactures thousands of bales. We kept the design of the wool press the same and only added a few reinforcements and adapted the hydraulic system.

Bale Loader

Our bale loader is a trailer that loads round bales, by it self, directly from the field and offloads it were needed. It can handle 6-9 bales at a time and is managed hydraulically by the tractor’s driver.

Cotton Bale Loader

Our Cotton Bale Loader can load a cotton bale with a mass of 2-3 tons. The Loader can be pulled behind a tractor of 100kW. Due to the mass of the cotton bales uploading happens while the tractor and loader is standing still. The load fork of the cotton bale loader descends to the ground and then the bale is scooped up on the right side of the loader. A jockey wheel and arm that pushes out as soon as the bale is loaded onto the fork prevents the loader from tipping over. Once the bale is loaded onto the loader a conveyor belt moves the bale to the back of the loader to make room for the next bale. The loader can load 4 bales with ease. To off load the 4 bales the whole bed of the machine is tipped hydraulically and the conveyor belt then moves the bales to the back of the loader off loading them one at a time. The bales are handled softly to ensure that the wrapping does not tear.

Sheep Conveyor

With our Sheep Conveyor handling and working with your sheep will become a breeze.
Our conveyor is mobile an can be parked in front of your race. The conveyor is in a V-vorm and the width can be adjusted. The sheep walks into the conveyor and hangs in the air with their feet away from the ground. The person handling the sheep kan now dose the animal or even turn it over.

The conveyor belt is electrically powered and the speed can thus be adjusted accordingly.

General Conveyor

The Kanna Industries General Conveyor can be used to upload and download general farming items such as feed, lusern and wool bales. A tyre is mounted to the conveyor to ensure that our clients can easily move the conveyor to where it is needed. The height can be adjusted mechanically from 1.8m to 4.5m high. The driving mechanism can either be hydraulic or electric depending on what our client desires.


Our grader is designed to make any surface level by using the ground that is graded. The grading depth can be adjusted.

Bale Grabber

The Kanna Bale Grabber was designed due to the fact that our clients needed something that could help them stack their round bales. If your bales need to be packed underneath a roof and your space is limited then our bale grabber will come in very handy as it can grab bales in a standing as well as a lying position. It can lift the bales and stack up to 3 bales on top of each other. The grabber is designed to easily fit onto your existing loader.

Kanna Children’s Toys

Our children’s toys division came about when Willa’s son was born. He wanted to give him toys that he could really play with. That would not brake at the first sign of rough play. Our steel toy model range include a dump truck, loader, pick-up truck, a trailer and a grader.