The Kanna Industries Hydraulic Wool Press (Fully Automated)

Press: R89 000 excl

Electrical / Hydraulic Wool Press

Price: R36 000 excl
Scale: R12 000 optional

Industrial Semi-Automatic Wool Press

Price: R108 000 excl
Scale: Included

Bale Loader

6 Bales: R104 000 excl

Cotton Bale Loader

4 Bales: R350 000 excl

Sheep Conveyor

Price: R75 000 excl (basic price and includes wheels)

General Conveyor

Conveyor: R48 000 excl


1.8m: R28 000 excl

Bale Grabber

Price: R16 000 excl

Kanna Children’s Toys

Dump truck R500
Loader R600
Pick-up truck R500
Trailer R250
Grader R500